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Borough Authority

The Shippensburg Borough Authority is a financing and operating authority for the Shippensburg area water system in accordance with the Pennsylvania Municipality Authorities Act. The Authority is responsible for the operation of the water system by approving the operating and capital budgets for the water department, authorizing construction projects, and the maintenance of the overall water system.


The Borough Authority also is a financing authority for the Borough’€™s sewer system, which includes a Wastewater treatment plant and collection system.


Shippensburg Borough Authority meetings are held at 6:00 pm the second Tuesday of each month in the Borough Council meeting room located at 111 N. Fayette Street.


Borough Authority members are:
Michael Pimental- Chair
Steve Brenize – Vice Chair
Troy Pomeroy
Angelo Tsambiras
Kerri Burrows
Forest Myers – Solicitor

Edward S. Goodhart – Treasurer
Shippensburg Borough Authority members are volunteers appointed by Borough Council for five year terms.