The Shippensburg Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB) is responsible for reviewing and recommending to Borough Council to approve or not approve requested alterations or demolition for property located in the Shippensburg Historic District in accordance with the Pennsylvania General Assembly Act 167.


In reviewing requested alterations, the HARB shall consider the following:
a. The effect of the proposed change upon the general historic and architectural nature of the historic district.
b. The appropriateness of exterior architectural features of the facade of the building.
c. The general design, arrangement, texture, material and color of the building or structure and the relation of such factors to similar features of buildings or structures in the historic district.


Before being placed on the HARB Agenda, an applicant must complete an application and provide all required documentation necessary for review. This documentation includes: location of property, description of alterations requested, and type of materials proposed.


Completed applications for the HARB agenda should be submitted along with the appropriate fee not later than the second Wednesday of the month for the that month€™s board meeting.


HARB meetings are held at 7:00 pm the fourth Wednesday of each month in the Borough Council meeting room located at 111 N. Fayette Street.


Board members are:

Steve Coover – Chairperson
Elizabeth Maurer-Minnich – Member
Doug Washinger – Member
H. I. Gates – Vice Chairperson
David Molino – Architect
Donna Sommerville – Secretary


HARB members are volunteers appointed by Borough Council for five year terms. One of the members shall be a registered architect; one a licensed real estate broker; one a professor or teacher with knowledge of and interest in the preservation of historic districts; one a member of the Shippensburg Planning Commission; and two members with a knowledge of and interest in the preservation of historic districts, one of whom shall own property within and reside within the Shippensburg Historic District.