The Shippensburg Borough Water Department operates and maintains the Shippensburg area water system under an agreement with the system€™s owner, the Shippensburg Borough Authority.

Annual Water Report for 2015


2015 Annual Water Quality Report


Water Tower


The water system serves over 25,000 residents in Shippensburg Borough, Orrstown Borough, Shippensburg Township, Southampton Cumberland Township, Southampton Franklin Township, and a portion of Letterkenny Township.


The water system consists of the Gunter Valley Water Treatment Plant, seven storage tanks, three wells, two booster stations, and several pressure regulating stations, along with about 150 miles of water line varying in size from two to sixteen inches and the attached fire hydrants and water meters.


Sources of water are the Letterkenny Reservoir and three wells. Each source can produce between one and one and a half million gallons of water per day for a combined rated capacity of approximately 5.5 million gallons per day. Water provided for consumption is treated with Chlorine as a disinfectant, Caustic Soda for pH adjustment, ortho-polyphosphate for corrosion control, and Fluoride. The water is tested weekly for bacteria to ensure clean and healthy drinking water.