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Dykeman Park

The Dykeman Spring Nature Trail is a 56 acre park is preserved open space and the 21 acre Dykeman property is listed on the National Register of Historic places.   Please click on the links below for a map and information!

Dykeman Trail Map Information    Dykeman Trail Information


Dykeman Park is a fifty acre area surrounding historic Dykeman Springs, a National Historic Register landmark. It consists of a wetlands nature trail, picnic facilities, walking trails, and a Baseball/softball field.

Dykeman Park


The park is open daily from dawn to dusk.

In accordance with Shippensburg Borough Ordinances, in Dykeman Park no person shall:

    1. Injure, deface, remove, cut, or damage any trees, plants, shrubs, turf, fields, tables and benches, buildings, structures or fixtures within the park.
    2. Remove any bench, seat, or table from the park or change the location thereof.
    3. Conduct themselves within the park so as to annoy any other person.
    4. Set up any booth, table, or stand for the sale of any article.
    5. Dispose of any waste or garbage in the park except in receptacles provided therefore.
    6. Set or maintain any fire except in park provided grills and fireplaces.
    7. Bring any liquor, malt, or brewed beverages, drugs, or narcotics in the park.
    8. Operate any motor vehicle, minibike, motorcycle, snowmobile, bicycle, or ride a horse except on hard surface roads designated for vehicular traffic within the Park.
    9. Engage in fighting, lewd or inappropriate behavior.
    10. Fish in any park waters.


Dykeman Park

Pets in Dykeman Park must be leashed and picked up after.

Dykeman Park is a Smoke Free park