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Borough Government

The Borough of Shippensburg operates under Pennsylvania’s Borough Code 1965 P.L. 1656, No.581. The governing body of the Borough of Shippensburg is an elected council of six members serving four-year overlapping terms. The Borough has three election wards, with two members elected at large from each ward. The powers of council are broad and extensive, covering the whole range of municipal functions.

A mayor is elected at large for a four-year term. Under the Borough Code, the Mayor oversees the operations of the Borough Police Department, has veto authority over Council legislation, and may break ties on Borough Council votes.

Like many of the more than 950 boroughs operating under the Pennsylvania Borough Code, the Borough of Shippensburg has adopted an ordinance establishing the office of Borough Manager. As the Chief Administrative Officer appointed by Borough Council, the Manager is responsible for the day to day operation of the Borough, carrying out Council policy, and enforcing the ordinances as adopted by Council.