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Shippensburg Borough

Single Stream Recycling Program

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We thank you for your patience and understanding as we upgrade our recycling program.  A significant amount of time and effort has been put into this improvement, and we are hopeful that you will find this new program much more convenient and user friendly.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our office for more information.  THANK YOU!!

The Borough has been providing “in-house” recycling services to the community for a substantial period of time; however a comprehensive review of the program had not been conducted for numerous years.  Recycling provides a service that protects our community, as well as the environment, from the accumulation and polluting effects of garbage, helping to improve the overall quality of life for our residents and our town.   As such, we decided to complete a thorough review of our recycling program to determine what, if any improvements could be made.

Several years ago, when recycling was initially mandated by the state, it was very common to collect the recycled material as source separated, where the residents separate everything and place multiple containers at the curb.  In fact, most of the recycling centers were only able to accept materials if they were source separated, which is very likely the reason we initiated our program in the manner that we did.  In addition, since we were progressing with a source separated system, we were able to secure grant funding to purchase a recycling truck, compactor and conveyor system.  In many regards, we were the “pioneers” of the municipal recycling movement within the state.

As with most everything in our world today, numerous advancements have been made during the past five to seven years, and technology has advanced to the point where “single stream” collection is now the preferred method.  Single stream collection involves residents placing all of their recycling materials into one container, and that container is then placed at the curb for collection.  This style of collection is much more user friendly and often times promotes increased recycling efforts.  In addition, it is much more efficient to collect materials as a “single stream” and the recycling centers are now much more efficient at processing “single stream” materials.

Since our program has started, we have demonstrated a clear commitment to providing affordable sanitation services to both our residential and commercial customers; however we now have an opportunity to improve our recycling program and control our recycling costs.  With all of this in mind, we have decided to upgrade our recycling program to a single stream style of system, where the residents are provided with a single “container” where they can place all of their acceptable recycling materials.

There are many benefits and advantages to this style of system, including:

  1. Simplified recycling for our residents, which will likely lead to increased recycling efforts within our community. Statistics have shown that converting to a single stream style of recycling program has increased recycling efforts within communities by more than 25%.
  2. As a single stream, we will be able to more effectively control our recycling disposal costs. Most recycling facilities are now set-up, and prefer, to collect materials as a single stream.  The efficiency of this style of collection is much better than that of source separation and therefore the cost to process the materials is reduced.  We have received proposals for disposal services, and will be entering into a 3 year contract with Apple Valley Waste (Hagerstown, MD) to receive and process our recycling materials.
  3. As a single stream, we would very likely increase our annual grant funding. When the program becomes easier for our residents, it is anticipated and expected that we will generate greater volumes of recycled materials.  The larger volumes of recycled materials will translate into larger annual grant funding from the County.  Our grant funding is predominantly determined by the total weight of recycled materials produced and disposed on an annual basis.  Again, increased recycling will produce increased annual grant funding.
  4. Increased recycling is projected to reduce solid waste disposed of at the curbside, which in turn leads to reduced costs at the landfill. Statistics show that in the majority of the municipalities that have upgraded to single stream recycling, the recycled waste stream has increased by more than 25%, while the solid waste disposal has decreased by an average of 15%.

We have spent considerable time and effort researching this process.  In order to operate efficiently and effectively, we have purchased a new recycling truck and have ordered new recycling containers.

We have received verbal notification from  PADEP 902 that we have been selected for grant funding; however the grant amount is not known to date.

  1. What is “single-stream” collection?
  2. Single-stream recycling is a system in which all recyclable materials are placed, unsorted, into one recycling container. That container is then placed at the curb for collection.
  3. How will the program work?
  4. Residents will place ALL recyclable materials into one container, continuing to rinse the plastic and glass bottles as necessary, and place that container at the curbside for collection by our staff. No more separation will be required!
  5. Will my collection day change?
  6. NO. Collection will continue to be completed by our staff on your regularly scheduled collection day.  There will be NO change to the collection schedule.
  7. Do I need to purchase new containers?
  8. NO. The Borough will supply one initial recycling container, at no cost, for your use.  We are taking this step to promote a more uniform look throughout the town on our collection days.  Please contact the Borough for details regarding additional or replacement containers.

 What will the additional/replacement containers cost?    At this point, the costs are not yet known. We are in the process of bidding the containers to achieve the best price possible for our residents.  The ability to “buy in bulk” should provide a significant costs savings, and we feel this will allow us to provide the additional/replacement containers to our residents at a reduced price as well.

Replacement 18 gallon container/no lid is $11.00 — Replacement 18 gallon replacement lid is $5.00 —-

Replacement 32 gallon/no lid $16.00 —- replacement 32 gallon lid is $4.00