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Snow Removal

Cooperation of Borough residents is vital to the success of snow removal operations. Below are the snow removal policies in Shippensburg Borough.


Snow Plow Truck


Plowing operations begin with the accumulation of 3.5 inches of snow. Salting operations begin with an accumulation of one inch of snow or as slippery conditions develop. Snow will be plowed as close to the curb as possible. Driveways and sidewalks will be plowed shut; it cannot be avoided.

Residents/property owners must remove snow/ice from sidewalks and crosswalk entrances within twelve hours after the snow/ice has ceased to fall or form. If snow/ice accumulation ceases after 6 PM, snow/ice removal must be done before 10 AM the following morning, or within twelve hours if a twelve-hour period extends beyond 10 AM.

If removal does not occur within twelve hours, the Borough will be forced to contract to have the snow removed at owners expense and a $75.00 ticket will be issued.  If ticket is not paid in full within 10 days, a citation will be issued.          

As a reminder, it is unlawful to throw, place or dispose of any snow or ice upon any portion of any street, highway, avenue, or roadway. Shoveling snow onto public roadways creates hazardous driving conditions and property owners can be held responsible for accidents which result from snow being placed onto roadways.

Cleaning Snow around Fire Hydrants is Every Citizen’s Job. As soon as the snow stops falling, clear the fire hydrant nearest to your home or property.

Winter Weather Emergency

A winter weather emergency may be declared by Borough Council, Mayor, Borough Manager or Police department when deemed necessary in their sole discretion to facilitate the movement of traffic and the removal of snow or ice in an effort to promote safe travel.

If declared, the winter weather emergency shall apply to King Street, Orange Street, Burd Street, North Prince Street, Fort Street( northern side only) and Stewart Place (inner loop).  See below.  All vehicles must be removed from affected highways within eight hours.  Vehicles not moved will be subject to ticketing and towing.


Name of Highway                       Side                                      Limits

Burd Street                                 Both               from North Queen St to its intersection with Roxbury Rd.

King Street                                 Both               from the eastern corporate limits south to Lurgan Ave.

North Prince Street                      Both               from the intersection of North Prince St and East King Street north                                                                                 to the Borough of Shippensburg corporate limits

Orange Street                             Both               from the intersection of West Orange Street and West King Street                                                                                  (US Route 11) to the Intersection of East Orange Street and PA                                                                                     Route 174 (Walnut Bottom Rd)

 Fort Street                                                 The northern side of Fort Street from North Washington to N.Queen St

Stewart Place (inner loop)                             The public parking spaces along the entire perimeter of the grass island   


The above affected highways have been identified as snow emergency routes with signs in accordance with PennDot traffic regulations.  See below:


Plowing Objectives for the Borough of Shippensburg

Reduce road hazards associated with snow and ice conditions

Maintain safe and passable routes for school bus traffic along with passable routes for Fire and Police officials and emergency vehicles.

If weather conditions and temperatures are such that the accumulated snow is expected to melt within a relatively short period of time (1 to 7 days) and additional snow is not in the forecast, all snow removal may be curtailed.

Parking Lots

All Borough lots will be plowed as soon as practical.  Snow will be removed if conditions warrant it.  These lots listed below will be available for residents to park until emergency weather has been lifted.

Burd Street Lot

Memorial Park Lot

Firefighters Activity Center

Borough Office Lot

Parking Areas on Streets

The parking areas on the streets will only be cleaned when manpower and weather permit, Winter Weather Emergency does not mean that priority is to remove snow from parking areas. The areas that will be focused on throughout the borough will be the emergency routes and streets so that the objective of passable routes are met.  The first responders along with police vehicles must have access to the main routes.