THE CODE OF THE BOROUGH OF SHIPPENSBURG €“ Review the ordinances currently in effect for Shippensburg Borough.

RENTAL ORDINANCE.pdf €“ The Borough of Shippensburg requires all rental units to be licensed annually and inspected every three years.

ZONING ORDINANCE €“ The purpose of the Borough of Shippensburg€™s zoning ordinance is to protect and promote safety, and to guide uses of land and structures, type and location of streets, public grounds and other facilities. It can be found in the Code of the Borough of Shippensburg Chapter 150.

ZONING MAP.pdf €“ Shippensburg Borough consists of ten zoning districts: Residential Low density (R-1), Residential Medium density (R-2), Residential Medium/High density (R-3), Residential High density (R-4), Commercial (C-1), Neighborhood Commercial (N-C), Light Manufacturing (M-1), Heavy Manufacturing (M-2), Institutional (I-1), and Open Space (O-S)

COMPREHENSIVE PLAN €“ The Borough of Shippensburg€™s Comprehensive Plan is a planning and policy guide designed to help anticipate change, identify community goals, and implementing future community projects. It is a joint plan in conjunction with Shippensburg Township. Copies of the plan are available at the Borough Office.

NUISANCE ORDINANCE.pdf – Nuisances €“ Shippensburg Borough has a nuisance ordinance which prohibits certain conditions within the Borough. A nuisance is defined as any condition or use of premises or of building exteriors which is a safety hazard or is detrimental to the property of others or which causes a loss in the value of other property in the neighborhood. Some examples are:

It€™s a violation within the Borough to . . .
1. Set trash out more than 24 hours before scheduled collection
2. Have upholstered furniture, applicances, etc on property exterior
3. Use house or porch roofs for non-designed purposes (such as sunbathing)
4. Keep an abandoned vehicle on property exterior
5. Permit grass or weed to exceed ten inches in height.

SIDEWALKS €“ The Borough of Shippensburg Code section 135, Article III requires abutting property owners to be responsible for paving and curbing sidewalks and for keeping sidewalks and curbs in good repair and safe condition. The Borough inspects all sidewalks once every five years or as sub-standard sidewalks are discovered. Property owners are notified of any necessary repairs and given a reasonable amount of time to complete those repairs. Before commencing and construction or repair, a permit is required. All construction and repair must be inspected by a Borough representative.

STREET CUT/OPENING €“ The Borough of Shippensburg Code section 135, Article I requires a permit prior to cutting, opening or excavating in any Borough Street. Permits may be obtained at the Borough Office. All refilling and resurfacing of any street opening or excavation must be inspected by a Borough representative.

OUTDOOR FIRES/BURNING €“ It is unlawful for an person within the Borough of Shippensburg to burn outdoors any construction material, domestic refuse, rubbish, trade waste, or yard waste. Outside incinerators of all kinds are unlawful and shall not be used for fire or storage of refuse. No person may install, use, operate, or maintain an outdoor wood-fired boiler in the Borough of Shippensburg. Fires set soley for cooking food, recreational or cermonial purposes are allowed by permit in accordance with Chapter 109 of the Code of the Borough of Shippensburg.