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Frequently Ask Questions


How large is the Borough of Shippensburg?
Shippensburg Borough comprises 2.038 square miles. The population of Shippensburg Borough according to the 2010 census was 5,585.


How old is the Borough of Shippensburg?
The Borough of Shippensburg was founded in 1730. It was incorporated as Borough in 1819.


Where is the Borough Office located and what are the hours of operation?
The Borough Office is located at 111 N. Fayette Street in Shippensburg. The office is open 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday excluding holidays.


When does Borough Council meet?
Borough Council meets at 6:00 pm on the first and third Tuesday of each month, except for first Tuesdays election days when the meeting is held the first Thursday.


Are Land Use (Zoning) Permits required in the Borough?
A Land Use Permit is required in conjunction with any required building permit, or for any new use or change of use before construction or alteration of any building or structure.


Are building permits required in the Borough?
The Borough of Shippensburg has opted in to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC). A building permit is required for any work done which is covered under the UCC. Issuance of a Land Use Permit is a prerequisite for obtaining a building permit. Building permits in Shippensburg Borough are issued by one of four UCC inspection companies, Commonwealth Code Inspection Service, ARRO Consulting, PMCA Pennsylvania Municipal Code Alliance, Inc and Middle Department Inspection Agency.


Does Shippensburg have a Property Maintenance Code?
Rental property in the Borough of Shippensburg is governed by the 2009 International Property Maintenance Code.


What is the Shippensburg Historic District?
The Shippensburg Historic District is a collection of architecturally significant residential, commercial, and public buildings constructed in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The district is roughly bounded by King Street from Fayette to Queen Streets, and one block north and south of King Street.


Are there any special requirements for properties in the Shippensburg Historic District?
According to the Historic District Preservation Ordinance, no building permit for work affecting the exterior or a building or buildings in the Historic District may be issued until the Shippensburg Borough Council has approved a Certificate of Appropriateness. This includes any permit for erection, reconstruction, exterior alteration, restoration, sandblasting, demolition or razing of a building. Prior to consideration of a Certificate by Borough Council, the project must be reviewed by the Historical and Architectural Review Board (HARB), which will provide an advisory recommendation to Borough Council.


Where is the Parks and Recreation Office?
The New Park and Rec office is located at Municipal Dr., Shippensburg, PA


Is alcohol allowed in Borough Parks?  www.shippensburgparkandrec.org 
Alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted in Borough Parks.


What time do parks close?
Please check with the Shippensburg Park and Rec Authority.  www.shippensburgparkandrec.org


Where do I pay my municipal taxes?
Shippensburg Borough has an elected tax collector, with an office in the Borough Office building. Municipal taxes (real estate and per capita) may be paid in two ways:
in person at the Borough Office or by mail to P.O. Box 129, Shippensburg, PA 17257.


Where do I pay my parking tickets?
Parking tickets can be paid at the Shippensburg Police Department, 60 W. Burd Street between 8:00am and 4:00pm or through web bill pay located on the Borough website.


Does the Borough of Shippensburg have a curfew ordinance?
The Borough of Shippensburg has a curfew ordinance. It is unlawful for any child or children under the age of 17 years to be or remain in or upon any public street, avenue, alley, highway, or property in the Borough of Shippensburg after the hour of 10:00 p.m., unless accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or other person having legal custody of the child or children or unless the employment of the child requires them to be out on a public street.


Do I have to recycle?
Yes, recycling of newspaper, cans, glass, and most plastic is mandatory in the Borough of Shippensburg.  PLEASE CHECK THE TAB ENTITLED RECYCLING.  THE BOROUGH NOW DOES SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING.


How do I report a pothole?
Please notify the Borough Office, at 717-532-2147, with the location of any pothole within the Borough.


How do I report a street light problem?
Malfunctioning street lights should be reported to the Borough Office, at 717-532-2147. Please include the location and pole number of the light.  There are numbers on the pole starting with 9-  mostly.


What is usage on my Water bill?
Usage is the number of gallons of water used in thousands of gallons. It is computed by taking the current meter reading and subtracting the prior meter reading. Example: 560 -€“ 550 = 10 thousand gallons used.


What is excess usage on my Water bill?
Excess is the number of gallons in thousands used beyond the minimum bill of 5,000 gallons. Example: If 11 thousand gallons of water is used, the excess would be 11,000 – 5,000 = 6,000 gallons excess.


How is my Utility bill calculated?
For an explanation of how utility bills are calculated, click here


Can I pay my utility bill over the phone?
Utility bills cannot be paid over the phone. They may be paid through web bill pay located on the Borough website or in person at the Borough Office using cash, check, or credit card.


What is a snow emergency?   Please check the tab “snow removal”.  This will explain all the street closures and changes.

In order to safely and effectively facilitate the movement of traffic and the removal of snow or ice on the highways or portions of highways within the Borough of Shippensburg, either Borough Council, Mayor, Borough Manager or Police Department in its or their discretion shall declare a winter weather emergency due to such potential hazards.

The winter weather emergency shall apply to King Street, Orange Street, Burd Street, North Prince Street, Fort Street( northern side only) and Stewart Place (inner loop).

A winter weather emergency may be declared by any parties mentioned above when deemed necessary in their sole discretion to facilitate the movement of traffic and the removal of snow or ice in an effort to promote safe travel.

The previous term “snow emergency” shall be replaced with the term “Winter Weather Emergency”.

How much time is allowed to remove snow and ice from sidewalks?
Residents/property owners must remove snow/ice from sidewalks and crosswalk entrances within twelve hours after the snow/ice has ceased to fall or form. If snow/ice accumulation ceases after 6 PM, snow/ice removal must be done before 10 AM the following morning, or within twelve hours if a twelve-hour period extends beyond 10 AM.