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S.U. Student Info


The Shippensburg Area is home to Shippensburg University, one of fourteen state schools. While the university is not physically located in the Borough of Shippensburg, it has a major impact on the Borough and its residents. Many university students live in the Borough and interact with our residents and police.



To help university students enjoy their time in the Borough of Shippensburg, the following guidelines are provided;  

Shippensburg Borough has a noise ordinance that is in effect from 10 PM until 7 AM each day. If you are going to have a party, particularly in a residential neighborhood, turn the volume down in the late evenings and early mornings.

Enjoy sunbathing during sunny days, just do no€™t do it on house and porch roofs.

The Borough of Shippensburg has an alcoholic beverage open container law. It is unlawful for any person to drink any alcoholic beverage upon any public street, public municipal parking lot, private parking lot open to public use, or public park.

Only furniture designed for outdoor use is allowed on exterior porches/patios. Interior furniture is not allowed on exterior porches/patios includes upholstered sofas, chairs, davenports, beds, etc